KMC Inc Enterprise Staffing Plan Application (ESPA)

HL7 is a healthcare industry standard used to exchange information between health care providers. Oracle has an adapter that runs on top of SOA Suite and enables HL7 standard. KMC has expertise in Oracle HL7 adapter.

Open Source connect software available at is an implementation of Health Information Exchange (HIE) that runs on top of Sun Glassfish. KMC is migrating Connect software to Weblogic. KMC is also working on providing SOA layer on top of Connect software to fully service enable HIE. This will involve providing Orchestration and Common Interfaces using Oracle Service Bus and Oracle SOA Suite. KMC will also use Oracle HL7 adapter to work with Connect Software.

KMC uses this demo to highlight the adapter and how services can exchange HL7 data. Full auditing, setup conditions are also part of the demo. B2B console, JDeveloper and Fusion Middleware Control are used. Oracle HL7 demo does the following:

  • HL7 document setup, this setup uses Oracle B2B document editor to import sample HL7 document and convert into XSD
  • B2B Receiver and Sender setup to use the above document in B2B console
  • JDeveloper development studio to create a sample flow using composite, mediator and adapter. Deploy the project to B2B engine
  • Run the flow using B2B test utility for a success condition. Simulate an error condition
  • Look at the flow in B2B console, look for a specific error. Also look at B2B dashboard
  • Look at the payload and other service information in Fusion Middleware Control