KMC Inc. Oracle Solutions Partner


KMC is a premium Oracle Solutions Provider specializing in high-quality information systems development for commercial, non-profit, federal and state government clients. We are a strategic Oracle Partner now and are on our way to becoming a specialized Oracle Partner in Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Fusion Middleware.

At KMC we have expertise in leading Business Process Management and SOA discussions with Executives. KMC works with Chief Architects and Enterprise Architects to layout Architecture vision. KMC has expertise in developing projects using Oracle products: SOA Suite, Service Bus, Business Process Management and Weblogic.

Our staff includes Oracle Enterprise Architects who were involved in developing Architecture vision for strategic Oracle customers like Verizon, Capital One, GE, and MedImmune. 

KMC has an exclusive partnering agreement with Iron Works regarding Oracle Solutions. KMC has many associates that are certified in Oracle SOA, Iron has lot expertise in Content Management. Both companies are very good at Oracle products in general. This partneship is helping customers develop end-to-end Enterprise Solutions. KMC and IronWorks works as one team on customer engagements.

Proof of Concepts

Proof of Concepts

Proof of Concepts

  • We will work with Enterprise Architects to identify key use cases for Oracle Proof of Concept
  • We will use the right Oracle technology: Weblogic, SOA suite, Service Bus, BPM or other technologies to implement the Proof of Concept
  • This is very targeted effort for a few use cases
  • In general Proof of Concepts take 4 to 6 weeks


Architecture Engagements

Architecture Engagements

  • We will work with Enterprise Architects to understand as-is Architecture
  • We will do whiteboard discussions, presentations and demos to come up with to-be Architecture
  • We will develop System Architecture Document to highlight the Architecture and explain why Oracle technologies are a good fit
  • This engagement will typically last 2 to 4 weeks


Solution Engagements

Solution Engagements

  • This engagement can follow POC and/or Architecture engagement or can be done by itself
  • We will work with Enterprise/Application Architects to understand the Application Architecture
  • We will implement Oracle Solution using industry and Oracle best practices
  • We will develop a detailed project plan to identify use cases, iterations that will be part of Solution
  • This can be an open ended or fixed engagement

SOA Suite Migration

SOA Suite Migration

SOA Suite Migration

  • Many BEA customers invested heavily in WLI for providing system level orchestration
  • Oracle developed a tool that can help customers get started and do much of the migration
  • KMC has expertise to perform analysis of WLI orchestrations and recommend migration to either BPEL or Oracle Service Bus
  • Migration to Oracle Service Bus is recommended for simple integration flows
  • KMC will start with the migration tool and perform additional work needed to finish the migration


Case Study: Verizon

Verizon Case Study Details

  • Established Application Integration Architecture using Oracle SOA Suite connecting into Peopesoft.
  • Verizon was looking to automate employee onboarding process.
  • Involved in architecture white boarding, implementation, help setup management and monitoring using Enterprise Manager.
  • SOA Suite used a combination of Webservices and Oracle AIA to integrate with Peoplesoft.
  • Before this architecture was in place, Verizon used a number of point to point integrations between Peoplesoft and other systems.
  • This Architecture streamlined a number of integrations and resulted in significant cost savings.


Case Study: HL7

HL7 Case Study Details

  • KMC has deep expertise in Oracle HL7 adapter that runs on top of Oracle SOA Suite.
  • After the initial migration of Open Connect Software is done, we will use HL7 adapter to process patient and provider information.
  • KMC has done numerous demos to highlight HL7 adapter.
  • There is a demo available on KMC website to show the value of adapter.


Case Study: MedImmune

MedImmune Case Study Details

  • Streamlined business processes using Oracle BPM and automated the business processes using SOA Suite.
  • MedImmune had a number of manual business processes before this architecture was in place.
  • Used BPMN notation to document and simulate the processes in Oracle BPM.
  • After simulation, integrated the processes to backend systems using BPEL and Oracle SOA Suite.
  • This effort involved installation, configuration of Oracle BPM, Oracle SOA Suite and monitoring using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Open Connect

Case Study: Open Connect

Open Connect Case Study Details

  • KMC is migrating Health Information Exchange (HIE) Open connect software that runs on top of Glassfish to Weblogic.
  • KMC is also working on service enabling the connect software by providing service virtualization using Oracle Service Bus.
  • We are talking with HHS ONC to provide integration between ONC Intranet and ONC HIE.