KMC Inc. OMB CPIC and Exhibt 3000


OMB Exhibit 300/53 Activities:

Work products and Deliverables

  • Requirements Analysis,
  • Cost Benefits Analysis,
  • Alternatives Analysis,
  • Risk Management and Mitigation Plan,
  • Information Security Risk Analysis,
  • Exhibit 300 Business Case
  • Enterprise-Wide Project Management Implementation Plan,
  • Privacy Impact Assessment, and an initial System Security Plan.
  • Financial model to evaluate costs, benefits, risks, and cost benefits analysis?for the baseline system and four alternatives

CPIC tools assessment

  • TIPS, the legacy system that is out of date, and many agencies are replacing it. Army's reference:
  • eCPIC is a government-owned software package that is intended as the replacement for ITIPS. Quite a few departments are implementing it, but there is not universal agreement that this is the best choice. Reference:
  • ProSight is a commercial product that emphasizes top-down, enterprise-wide investment control. Some agencies find this a better choice than eCPIC. Reference:
  • WorkLenz is a project-focused investment management tool that has been implemented by USDA. It is a commercial product of Métier, Ltd.  Reference:

eCPIC or ProSight preferred candidates.