KMC is dedicated to offering the highest quality services and to ensure that we have partnered with the following firms:

KMC Inc. partners with Smartronix to provide top quality technical solutionsSmartronix is a global professional solutions provider specializing in NetOps, Cyber Security, Enterprise Software Solutions, Mission Focused Engineering, and Health IT.


KMC Inc. partners with Sabre to provide top quality technical solutionsSabre Systems, Inc. is a privately-held company that assists clients in applying technology to solve problems, work more efficiently and maintain their competitive advantage.

KMC Inc. partners with the Nakamoto Group to provide top quality technical solutionsThe Nakamoto Group works with clients to provide technical assistance in focused areas and supports a broad range of management initiatives




KMC Inc. partners with Oracle to provide top quality technical solutionsWe have an exclusive partnering agreement with Iron Works ( regarding Oracle Solutions. Since KMC Inc. has expertise in Oracle Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with many associates that are certified in Oracle SOA, we partner with Iron works on SOA projects. For Service Oriented Architecture customer engagements, we form a combined team with Iron Works staff and KMC staff.

KMC Inc. partners with Oracle to provide top quality technical solutions
KMC is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.


KMC Inc. is committed to identify other parnters opportunistically.At KMC we are committed to identifing partnering opportunities. We will acquire specialists as needed to meet the needs of our customers.