KMC Inc. eLibrary Application is  a web-based document management system. eLibrary is used to store, archive & search for documents and other content. eLibrary supports versioning, workflow, search & browse, notification, security, audit, replication and synchronization capabilities.
It is built on Oracle Java JEE platform and including Open Source technologies: JBoss Server, JEE, Java Script, SQL Server /20052008 R2, HTML and XML.

KMC Inc eLibrary Application (ESPA)

eLibrary Features

  • The following are the features of eLibrary.
  • Upload documents either one file at a time or bulk upload using FTP feature or import from the server
  • Document upload happens in two steps, upload and then publish. Users can only see published documents
  • Search the documents based on key words
  • Sort all the documents
  • View the documents in a tree view and detailed view of the document in pdf reader
  • Move documents or folders after initial upload
  • Provide access based on userid/password and based on location of the users
  • Provide some features only to admin users
  • Development features like export configuration
  • Automatic backup between primary and back instances of eLibrary
  • Ability to duplicate document and folders
  • Export files and folders and ability to view the exported files/folders in windows explorer
  • Secure communication between browser, server (https) and server, database (encryption).
  • Reports
    • Documents uploaded In the last week/month
    • Documents uploaded by user
    • Document usage report
  • Content based search for all documents
  • Feedback or commenting on files and structure

Software Architecture Considerations

eLibrary Architecture consists of the following software products: JBoss for application server, Jack Rabbit which is part of apache software consortium for document management system. Jack Rabbit can work with any kind of storage: file system or database. Jack Rabbit was enhanced using java api for features that are not supported out of the box by Jack Rabbit. SQL Server is used to store eLibrary information. Here are more Architecture considerations:

Additional Architecture considerations:

  • Data is synchronized between Master and Backup
  • Secure protocol (https) is used for communication between users and application, application and database
  • eLibrary has been designed for fail over and can be easily scaled out to support a large user base
  • Role based access is provided for files/folders
  • User access is audited and reports provided. Reports include “files uploaded in last week”, “files uploaded by users” etc.