Our expertise in Systems Development, Information Management, Secure systems, the OMB CPIC Processes, Network and Server Managementalong with our solution-oriented staff of professionals, come together to provide end-to-end solutions for many federal agencies. This is particularly true for agencies and departments that have interactions with the health care arena, particularly for units that leverage the emerging Electronic Health Record standards to perform quality improvement and cost reduction activities.

KMC Inc. Health Authomation / HL-7


Of particular interest to technologists and informationists is leveraging the wealth of information that may soon become available for analysis to provide real-time and on going performance improvement advice to physicians and practitioners, with the aim of improving patient outcomes, and leveling the differences between the providers. The emerging standards and communications protocols for extracting and sharing data, such as HL-7 or navigating the beneficial requirements for patient data protection as mandated by HIPAA, require expertise that KMC can provide.

Our work with the National Committee for Quality Assurance exemplifies the success of our team and approach.