KMC Inc. builds large scale architectures through agile development


These samples describe how KMC has implemented large architected solutions as well as quick-turnaround agile developments.

US Nuclear Regulatory System - IDIQ
This is a multi-year IDIQ contract that provides:

  • Skilled personnel with expertise in supporting IT data systems and networks, A/V systems, and voice technologies.
  • Expert IT support services and products in the NRC Headquarters Emergency Operations Center.
  • Expert IT support services and products for the EOC in a timely and efficient manner.
  • A broad scope of IT support.
  • Support for any type of IT support activity requested by NRC for the EOC (i.e. planned, unplanned, maintenance, development, analysis, study).
  • Management of all IT support requests issued by NRC as separately managed tasks.

ICMA-RC Account Access system
Allows web access to and management of retirement investment accounts by 300,000 members of the ICMA-RC retirement plans. Supports employer needs as well from retirement fund financial performance information to monthly contribution automation.

US Nuclear Regulatory System - NSIR
  • Architect, develop, test, train and support a system to do all document management and retrieval around the submission of information from nuclear power plants throughout the nation. The system developed and about to be deployed support headquarter and all regions with storage, categorization, uploading, indexing, searching and retrieval of documents. There is automatic replication of documents between headquarters and the regions. If any HQ or regional server goes offline, simple configuration parameters allow any other server to server as the ?primary? server.
  • Architect, develop, test, train, and support a system for managing content for the internal NRC HQ intranet, including announcements, organizational charts, and similar content important to NRC staff.
  • KMC has provided management and skilled staff while employing the standard KMC Process for system architectural efforts, as modified to meet the goals of the NRC / OMB architectural approach. This includes utilizing Earned Value Management (EVM) techniques and reports to maintain close control of contract schedules, budgets, and performance monitoring; not only "to date" management of progress, but also management of the EVM predicted eventual cost and schedule performance. allows independent financial advisors (IFA) to easily manage their client's annuities online. After launch, Annuity Net has a strong need to implement an enhanced architecture that is flexible enough to quickly respond to the requirements of future partnerships with large financial aggregators.

National Association of Security Dealers (NASD)
NASD's CRD provides both organizations and individual brokers access to NASD Regulation's CRD database information through a WEB browser. As a distributed application used by the majority of NASD brokerages, architectural decisions are critical to ensure the solution could support the high volume of transactions and concurrent users.

Watson Wyatt Worldwide
SHEETS - Two-month effort to completely convert LAN / WAN based budget system to the web/internet, for Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a international premier human resources consulting firm. Analysis began in December with a target deployment on March 1 to meet an unchangeable budget creation window.

B2C eCommerce - Four-month effort to build an eCommerce presence for NCQA, a health care organization accreditation non-profit. The system supports public purchases of seminar and publication products. For the publications product, the systems includes support for inventory management, electronic communication with the fulfillment warehouse, and automated customer alerts on order and shipping status.

Bureau of Industry and Security
SNAP - Four-month effort to build an Internet application for Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS, formerly known as Bureau of Export Administration, BXA), Department of Commerce. The system enables exporters to submit export and re-export license applications, high performance computer notices and commodity classification requests directly to BIS via the Internet in a secure environment.