Document, Content, Knowledge Management. Our expertise is best illustrated by actual work we have done with eLibrary Document Management System and Multi-Site Content Management. These projects illustrate the flexibility of our approach process, and the framework (tools and process) that we utilize on information management efforts.

KMC Inc. Document Information Management


These projects specifically demonstrate:

  • Management of multiple sites within a common framework, with independent administration of various areas by local staff, with overall consistency controllable at the component and sub-component level.
  • The ability to scale from single servers with hundreds of pages to server farms with hundreds of thousands of pages.
  • Support for controlled distributed publication authoring and editing capabilities extending to external parties as needed in a secure/authenticated manner.
  • Automatic logging of changes and audit trail tools to manage and document responsible parties, provide versioning support roll-back and roll-forward, of content, navigation, and theme.
  • Content re-use in various formats.
  • Support of workflow processes and control of publishing steps via optional and mandatory review steps and authorizations.
  • Synchronization and distribution of content to multiple repositories, sites, and work stations.
  • Bandwidth management to provide monitoring and throttling of bandwidth consumed at the module level, and providing alternate low-bandwidth presentation and transmission modes of operation.
  • Integration into existing infrastructure including access control lists and mechanisms such as user and organization based directories (LDAP, Active Directory and other)
  • Reliable Section 508 compliance.